08 January 2010

Rob Kitchin's classic crime fiction curriculum challenge Rob Kitchin, author of The Rule Book and who blogs at The View from the Blue House, has an unusual dilemma - he wants some recommendations for books to read. Not just any book, as he explains: "Imagine a reader new to crime fiction and wanting an education in the classics. Or consider a seasoned crime fiction reader who’s barely read a crime novel published prior to 1970. Well I’m that latter reader." Rob is therefore issuing a challenge:set a ten book, pre-1970, crime fiction curriculum (ideally, of different subgenres and styles) and either post the list on your own blog and send Rob the link by email ([email protected]), or post the list in a comment to his "challenge" post, by 31 January. Rob will then compile a curriculum based on the most popular choices (and provide link-backs to posts). My suggestions, made on the fly in about five minutes, are: 1. Dashiell Hammett (the master) - I like The Dain Curse best but most people like The Maltese Falcon. 2. Ross Macdonald - any really, eg The Drowning Pool 3. James Hadley Chase eg No Orchids for Miss Blandish 4. Hillary Waugh, Last Seen Wearing, usually said to be...


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